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Raising money is a fulltime job as much as it is for us to find good investments. We, at the Auxesia Capital Group, are an international network of professional investors, entrepreneurs and financial specialists with the mission to find the best deals for ourselves first. Our greatest asset is our network and our mission is to connect our partners to the right people to support your success and our all growth.

You are in the process of raising money or plan to raise money in technology, health, energy industries, and any kind of interesting business developments, then set up a meeting with us now. We are looking forward to talking to you. 

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The Auxesia Group with its broad network of capital partners around the world offers you access to multiple investors in multiple countries and continents. Also, our partners include access to our introductory services, due diligence and corporate restructuring (if necessary) to achieve the highest success rates in sourcing partners to fund development and business projects.

Our team of professionals includes the best specialists in the field to establish functionality throughout the development process and to find the best solution for business growth. Our long-term vision for our partners is to establish a solid, financial framework and also to implement a solid exit strategy for investors.


Auxesia Capital Group supports significant strategic change to business practices in various types of corporations. From modifying debt over sourcing capital and equity partners revising operational standards or the structure of the company as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and improving the business. Within the Auxesia Group, we have a wealth of experience and work globally together with top people in operations, equity placement, sales and marketing, attorneys, auditors as well as planning and development.

Finding the right partner and the best solution can sometimes be a minefield particularly when a business needs support on how to optimize its landscape. Auxesia Capital Group's partner network works hand in hand with experienced executive teams to incept business turnaround with cutting edge solutions and support.


Plan your exit as early as possible and offer your shares to a broader group of investors. Not every investor is willing to tighten up their capital for the next 10 or even 30 years. The Auxesia Group guides all our partners through path of executing a suitable exit. From legal counsel to accounting and audit firms, to regulators, bankers, exchanges and investors. Set up a meeting now.

Increase your shareholder base and access additional markets. 

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You are in the business to raise money and expand your operations? We concentrate on helping talented entrepreneurs build strong companies. Our focus is squarely on working with compelling companies in the small to mid-market space. We specialize in helping management teams build and scale their businesses. Independent if public or private companies contact us and let's talk.

About us

Auxesia Capital Group is an international investment and investor network that is focussed on helping companies to achieve their business goals in complying with the capital markets ecosystem. Independent if you are a private or public company, we have first-hand access to private & institutional investors as well as public marketplaces, investment banks, auditors and law firms worldwide.

Knowledge is power, and we offer our partner access to all necessary resources. We apply our deep subject matter expertise spanning core areas within the capital markets to empower our partners. Our core areas of focus include bespoke consultation around business analysis and modelling, financing, corporate governance, tax, audit and exit solutions like going public solutions. Read more...

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